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Thought for the week

Our Licensed Lay Minister Elizabeth O'Connor has been supplying short meditations each week, available on our Downloads page.

Below is the most recent.

Thought for the week by Licensed Lay Minister Elizabeth O’Connor



Have you given up anything or decided to take on something positive for a period as a challenge or fundraiser for a good cause maybe? You know the sort of thing: “Dry January,” “Race for life.” It’s a way to turn things around maybe, make a fresh start perhaps, or even just move on. Quite often there is a back story related to why we are doing this. Yes, there can be benefits associated with it too in certain cases. We may keep on with what we have started in some form or other as we come to see its effects.

We have just started the Christian season of Lent. A time of reflection, discipline, abstinence, seeking forgiveness, reassessing our priorities and vision in the world. It’s a bit like a good spring clean in a way. Getting things back on track, clearing out the accumulated rubbish and being able to see everything clearer. An opportunity to take time, be encouraged and refreshed anew by God’s message of life, hope and joy in the midst of our human failing and weakness. May we in this season take some time out – precious as it is – to listen and be open to the promptings of God and then act on them. Who knows where they may lead us?

Lord, in these days of mercy, make us quiet and prayerful:
in these days of challenge, make us strong in you,
in these days of emptiness, take possession of us,
in these days of waiting, open our hearts to the mystery of your cross. Amen.

Servant Christ,
help me to follow you into the desert,
with you to fast, denying false luxury,
refusing the tempting ways of self-indulgence,
the way of success at all costs,
the way of coercive persuasion.
Servant Christ, help me to follow you. Amen.

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Annual Parochial Church Meeting 2022

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Sunday 22 May 2022
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Sixth Sunday of Easter

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Sunday 22 May 2022
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Sixth Sunday of Easter


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